Prof. Michael Ntabo Mabururu

Position/Designation: Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences


Phone: +254-723800158

     Email: mntabo@rongovarsity.ac.ke



  1. Biography

Academic qualification:

Prof.Michael Ntabo is an associate professor of Philosophy. He earned his PhD in Philosophy from Moi University; Master of Arts (Philosophy) from University of Nairobi; Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from Urbanian University, Italy and Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Gregorian University, Italy.

Work experience:

He has experience of over twenty -six years in University administration as a Dean, Head of Department and Chairperson of various committees having undertaken mwongozo training that has to do with effective governance of institutions. 

Honours and awards:

      • We won grants with Prof.Wilson Otengah from Rongo University to conduct two surveys on drug abuse and sugarcane production and its impact on socioeconomic development of people in Kamagambo division 2014.
      • Wrote a joint supplementary grant proposal for DRS with Prof. Adam Chepkwony and won $10000 which culminated in a publication of a book titled Dialogue in Religion and Science: An African Perspective, 2011.
      • Long service award by Moi University.

Professional affiliation/membership to professional bodies:

 Prof. Ntabo is a member of various professional bodies including Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya; Research misconduct of Kenya; Ben Africa Network; Dialogue in Religion and Science; Organization of Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA)International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS);The Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS);International movement of Catholic professionals (IMCP);Philosophical Association of Kenya (PAK);Association for World Education (AWE);International council of Social Welfare (ICWS);Association of Third World Studies (ATWS) 

  1. Research interest:

Prof.Ntabo research interest is in the relationship between Science and Religion in Kenya and Moral Philosophy. He has also won the National Research Fund grant of Ksh.24Million to conduct research on the relationship between Science and Religion in Kenya. In 2016-2018 through Templeton Foundation he won a grant worth Ksh.10million and a Kshs.300, 000 grant from Moi University through Templeton Foundation to write a PhD proposal in 2011.

  1. Ongoing research projects:

The relationship between Religion and Science. The team leaders who include Prof.Michael Ntabo are working on the publication of this project.

The same team leaders who won the grant for Religion and Science are on another project on Science Communication. This project which is a child of Religion and Science has attracted also Ksh.50million from Templeton Charity Foundation.

  1. Publications:

4.1 Journal Articles

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